I wonder where words go to hide when awkward silence shows up How golden thoughts hide their lustre disguising themselves among dusty aisles within the darker alcoves of the mind Wonder how angry words keep silent, or how truths maintain the status quo a within parched dog-eared vellums I wonder how tongues stay cheerfully red,… Read More

You and I….. We’re the symphony that begun with the soft patter of rain drops…. Patiently we found our key, that spot where we found comfort…. I refuse to characterize us with the new age poet’s  muse of “perfect imperfection” Nah Instead we’re nature’s ode to majesty. You and me….. like when nature creates diamonds… Read More

The pictures always stuck fast, staying in spite of a hostile  reception Finding comfort in the  spaces in between  thoughts. Broken pieces of pottery,  shards of glass,  tears of  an orphaned child, the thunderous sobs of an untethered soul, the crowded silence of the  oppressed Me.

​The outer margins of the wound were surgically traced with grace and longing. Curious, thought the knife, that there was actual affection.  For somehow in this lopsided cosmere that contrived to bring these two together, there’d been born a kind of perverted relationship among these two.  The wound, which by very definition was an effigy… Read More


It’s incredible, the pieces that survive after a  storm, How the whole gets reduced to rubble yet  those rubble refuse to fade into oblivion How by becoming minimalist, their impact  grows several folds more powerful – Crushing.  How despite the wreckage that strectches into  the horizon, those little pieces turn out to be  more potent… Read More Wreckage


I took quill to parchment with all the grace  of a schizophrenic Seeking to drain my soul onto the barren  wastelands of the sheets Praying that those same wastelands would  prove undaunted by the irascible tempest  fountaining from said soul….. The frightening rage – hoping,  nay praying,  that the capillaries on the pages have thick  enough… Read More Hope